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Distance Running is a 3 Dimensional Activity

OK It's time to talk athleticism. 

I know we are constantly and consistently working on improving our running capacity.


What does that statement mean to you?


For most runners in means being able to run more volume and run at a faster pace at each level of workout. (Easy, threshold, interval, repetition, max velocity, race)

I'm going to add the idea that if we are going to truly improve out running capacity we need to improve our athleticism as well. 

This time is our opportunity to improve our athleticism.  For the next couple weeks I'll be posting guides to assessing and improving our athleticism.


This week

Assessment- ACU assessment

Targeted technique- The pistol squat


This week also marks a shift in our training.  We are going to shift towards some mixed work and target a time trial in mid to late June. All groups are going to follow the pattern of workouts below modified for the specific volume you need based on your experience and ability. (thats a fancy way of saying don't bump up your milage its time focus on some speed type stuff)

Monday- Max v, Volume 35-40 min 

Tuesday- Rep work  1 mile easy, 2-4 sets of  4x 1 min @ target mile race pace w/ 3 min easy pace running between reps and an extra 2 minutes between sets (3+2=5), warm down

Wednesday-Volume 45-50 min 

Thursday - Volume + striders 30-40 min

Friday-Max v, Threshold 1 mile easy, 2-4x1 mile threshold w/ 1 min recovery, 1 mile easy

Saturday-Long run 60- 70 min

Set a target date for your time trial. 

Time trial options





Local loop- If you have a local run that you have used as a time trial before you can use this for a time trial in a couple weeks.  just as long as you have a way to compare your best efforts.

Keep up the good work.  

Memorial day weekend challenge series

Individual Challenge- 4x4x24 (24 miles)

 4 miles every 4 hours for 24 hours.  Only requirements are that you run 4 miles in the 4 hours blocks. So if you start at 8 am blocks are as follows


Small Team Challenge- River to Sea (teams of 7)

Virtually run the sections listed. Every member must run 2 legs. 

Want a tougher challenge run the relay virtually real time. Start at 6 am and handoff to your next person via text. Record the total time from start to finish.

Whole Team Challenge (As many athletes as you want)

‚ÄčVirtually Run the Turnpike.

1 day 117.2 miles. Record the total time it takes to run all 117.2

PHS Distance

All distance runners should be signed up on the Strava app so that Coach Smirk can track your workouts and challenges. Strava information can be found on the menu below.

Remote workouts for each distance group and regen info are attached on the menus below.

Please contact Coach Smirk ( ) for modifications or questions

Physical,Mental, Emotional

We talk about the connection of the physical, mental and emotional realms in running constantly. There are times I ask you to do things in training and they press you in ways that push you into the unknown.  Check out this article maybe it will help you understand why at times when you ask me a simple question you get the long winded non-answer.

What Philosophy Can Teach Us About Endurance.


Find a Trail Go For a Run


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