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We Have Swords

The Princeton High School Fencing team is a varsity sport.

You may have been fencing for a few years, or have just heard about the team and think fencing sounds really cool (it is).

Regardless of your experience the fencing team is an excellent opportunity to experience this amazing sport at whatever level you are currently at.

If you are brand new to the sport, the fencing team is a no-cut team, so if you get all your forms in and show up at practice, you are in . The mission of the team is teach the sport of fencing to whomever wants to learn, to have all of our fencers grow in the sport and experiences the advantages that this fast paced, deeply intellectual martial art has to offer students.

The school has equipment for the students to use, athletes are not required to purchase their own equipment. If they do have their own equipment, they may use it as long as it is compliant to current regulations and is in good repair.

Why fencing? Perhaps you were inspired by the Princess Bride and the duel at the Cliffs of Insanity, maybe is was light saber duels in Star Wars, maybe you saw the sport during the Olympic games or on YouTube. Maybe it's just because there isn't anything cooler than learning to fight with swords. This fast paced sport requires a quick mind and critical thinking and teaches the athletes to think clearly and solve problems under extreme pressure. The sport is exceptionally egalitarian, rewarding hard work more than anything and does not particularly favor one body type over another. Anybody can be great at this sport if they put in the hard work.

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