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Expectations for Coaches

  • Coaches are required to wear face masks at all times and should understand the need to lead by example.
  • Coaches at PHS are required to complete the online Athletic Health Screening Questionnaire approximately 1 hr. before a scheduled practice/game or meeting time.
  • Coaches must maintain a high level of awareness to possible COVID-19 exposure at all times.
  • Coaches must ensure physical distancing practices are maintained to the maximum extent during training sessions.
  • Coaches will design activities that allow for risk mitigation strategies (physical distancing, hand hygiene, etc.).  Coaches will not have teams “group up” or congregate in close proximity to provide instructions but rather have students physical distance whenever feasible.
  • Coaches will seek guidance from the high school athletic trainer and/or the middle school nurse on best hygiene and physical distancing practices for staff and student-athletes.
  • Any high school coach who believes they may be sick will contact our athletic trainer and will remain home to monitor their health. (
  • Any middle school coach who believes they may be sick will contact the middle school nurse and will remain home to monitor their health. (
  • Coaches are required to be in compliance with the athletic departments communication plan to contact parents and students in the event a training session needs to be cancelled on short notice due to a member of the coaching staff being ill. 
  • Coaches will design sport specific tryout activities to resume in a gradual fashion to allow students the opportunity to become accustomed to wearing a mask during physical activity.
  • Coaches will consider that all athletes may not have been training and may not be at the same fitness level.  A gradual return to play and baseline fitness assessment is recommended after a three-day mask acclimation period.  Intensity levels of activities may need to be adjusted accordingly.
  • Coaches should work with the Director of Athletics and/or the Athletic Trainer for guidance on adhering to a gradual return to play before considering short-sided games. 
  • Break time may need to be increased and/or staggered to accommodate physical distancing, mask breaks, hand washing and/or hand sanitizing. Coaches will avoid having players share spaces such as chairs or benches. 
  • Coaches must stay until all members of their team leave the high school and/or middle school grounds, or Valley Road Fields.  Coaches will ensure that players who needed to carpool are wearing masks and have windows down in their vehicle to ensure proper ventilation.
  • Any winter sport teams use of the indoor or outdoor athletic facilities use must be given prior approval of the Director of Athletics.  Scheduled practices and games are required to be posted on the athletic website to allow COVID-19 staff to be assigned to the event.
  • Activities that increase the risk of exposure to saliva will not be permitted including chewing gum, spitting, licking fingers, and eating/sharing foods during practices and games.

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