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Parent/Athlete FAQ's

Will COVID-19 screening be conducted?

An electronic health questionnaire will need to be completed prior to attending practices and home and away games. A temperature check and health questionnaire will be conducted with each coach & participant prior to his or her admittance to their assigned location.  Please CLICK HERE to complete the survey using any web browser or smart phone.  Please be prepared to show the completion screen from your smart phone prior to receiving your temperature check.  Please bring a pen if you choose to complete the form onsite.  Please CLICK HERE to print and complete the paper version at home.

Will parents be permitted to watch tryouts, practices, and/or games?

Parents are asked to remain in their cars or drop off their athletes for the duration of the training session.  Unfortunately, parents are not permitted to attend games at this time. However, streaming services may be made available.  Please contact the Director of Athletics for more information.

Will there be physical distancing throughout practices?

Physical distancing of at least 6 feet will be practiced at all times. In addition, all athletes and staff are required to wear masks at all times. There will be no high fives, hugs, handshakes or other forms of social physical contact. Each player will store his or her personal belongings and water jug at a designated location at least 6' from other athletes and there will be no sharing of water bottles or personal equipment.   During home games players will be required to sit on the sidelines a minimum of 6' a part from one another.

Can I participate if I traveled interstate in last 14 days?

Those who have visited one of the states identified within the restricted travel advisory list of the State of New Jersey COVID-19 Information Hub should quarantine for 14 days after leaving that state and will not be permitted to participate during our preseason training session.

Will players, coaches, bus drivers, and athletic event staff be screened before practices and games?

 A temperature check and health questionnaire will be conducted with each of the above prior to his or her admittance. 

Will there be sanitized restrooms?

Portable outdoor and indoor restrooms will be monitored and sanitized in compliance with CDC and EPA guidelines prior to, during, and after each try-out session by our custodial staff.

Will you provide sanitizer?

Sanitizer will be available in portable restrooms and at each training site however it is strongly recommended that each participant have his or her personal supply as well.  Coaches will be provided hand sanitizer to players on a limited basis.

What happens if a player has a temperature?

Those with temperature readings 100.4 degrees or higher will not be permitted to participate in the training session. That individual should return to their home, consult with a physician and monitor their health for the next 14 days.   Please report their illness to their coach immediately.

COVID-19 Best Practices

Player Responsibilities

  •     Immediately email the Head Athletic trainer at if you suspect your athlete is ill.
  • Take a temperature reading at home - Stay home if the reading is 100.4 degrees or higher or if you are feeling ill
  •     Complete Online COVID-19 Health Screening Questionnaire within one hour of the start of a practice or game but no sooner than 2hrs from the scheduled meet time. CLICK HERE to access the form.
  •     Arrive at the temperature check/ health screening location at the recommended arrival time
  •     Wear a face mask before you exit your vehicle
  •     Show your completion screen of the Health Screening Questionnaire to our medical staff before you receive your temperature checked - You will only be permitted to enter and participate if your temperature reading is less than  100.4 degrees
  •     Personal equipment will be stored at a separate and marked location for each participant 
  •     No sharing of water jugs/bottles or personal equipment such as articles of clothing, footwear, shin guards, or goalkeeper gloves
  •     No spitting, gum shewing, or sharing of food.
  •     No high fives, hugs, handshakes, or other forms of physical social contact
  •     Clean up your area and do not leave behind water bottles or other personal items
  •     Leave promptly and wear a face mask as you depart the facility

    DO NOT ORGANIZE OR ATTEND UNSCHEDULED ATHLETIC GATHERINGS ON PRINCETON PUBLIC SCHOOL FIELDS. This will jeopardize your season and place you at a greater risk for contracting COVID-19.

Parent Responsibilities

  •     Take a temperature reading of your athlete at home prior to coming to the try-out session - Stay home with your child if his or her temperature reading is 100.4 degrees or higher
  •     Ensure that your child brings a face mask to be worn from the car to the the session and from the session to the car after event
  •     Ensure that your child brings plenty of water for his or her exclusive use
  •     Arrive at the assigned drop off location & use the assigned pick up location
  •     Remain in the car for the duration of the training session or drop off your child.
  •     Wear a face mask if you need to exit your vehicle
  •     Maintain at least 6 feet of physical distancing at all times
  •     We may need to contact you in cases of emergency or other unplanned circumstances.  Please answer your cell phone or have a personal emergency action plan in place should you be contacted that your child is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19.
  •     Depart promptly with your child after the session
  •     E-mail any questions to the Director of Athletics at

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