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Time Accumulation Log Submission

 The following rules govern time logs & other responsibilities for Option II students:

  • Documentation and time accumulated for the week begins every high school schedule cycle.  The link to the online form that needs to be completed every week will be shared via a QR code at Option II orientation. For tech support stop by the athletics office and see Mr. Dzbenski during your break.
  • All students are responsible for a minimum of 150 minutes of activity per weekbeginning the first day of the quarter and ending the last week of full school days.
  • Shortened school weeks will alter the minimum 150 minutes-per week requirement. For example, during the three-day Thanksgiving break; students are not required to accrue any time because PHS physical education classes may not be on the students’ schedule.
  • When school is closed for an entire week, students are not responsible for fulfilling their Option II obligation (Spring & Winter Break).
  • Absences from school or remote learning does not lessen the minimum 150-minute per week requirement.
  • Extra minutes cannot be carried over to the next week.

 Student Responsibilities & Documentation

 NJ State Statute 18A: 35-5, 7, and 8 requires a minimum of 150 minutes of participation in health, safety, and physical education weekly. Therefore, the sponsoring coach or instructor may be contact at any time to verify that the student was present and active for at least 150 minutes of physical activity each week. Every (5) to (7) school days physical activity logs are verified by teachers.  Once a week each student will complete their online log entry which can be completed on any smart phone or handheld electronic device with internet access.  All entries must be submitted weekly and verified by the students assigned physical education teacher.  The logging of minutes will be reviewed at the end of the marking period with the Physical Education Option II Quarterly Project.  Failure to comply with the Option II requirements will result in Option II probation and/or removal from the option II program.

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