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All completed online applications, supporting coaches certifications must be received by Monday Sept. 14, 2020.  Late applications must appeal directly to the Supervisor of Health & Physical Education.

Procedures for Application & Documentation
  • Out of district cooperating coaches for pathway B, C, D, and E are required to provide all certifications as mentioned above. The courses are entitled Heat Illness Prevention, Concussions in Sports, and COVID-19 for Coaches & Administrators. These free courses can be taken at
  • Once a completed online application has been submitted which includes all required sponsoring out of district NFHS course completion certificates applications will be processed after Sept. 21st.
  • NOTE:  Students are responsible for logging physical activity minutes weekly via an online form. A QR code will be shared with students at Option II orientation. 
  • Full compliance is required in order to receive a passing grade. Students are required to receive a grade of 85% or above to pass their required health classes. Late logs may be viewed as a failure to meet the 150 minutes/week requirement, and may result in removal from Option II, loss of credit, and/or a grade of F for Failure.
  • Any documentation that has been forged, plagiarized, or cannot be verified will result in removal from Option II, loss of credit, and/or a grade of F for Failure.

Important notes and obligations for all students pursuing Option II:

  • Students must arrive on time to their scheduled physical education classes for attendance before being released for studies.
  • Students are required to use their district email accounts to correspond with the Supervisor of Health and Physical Education and Cooperating Instructors and teachers.
  • Student are required to use district issued google accounts to access online form to submit their digital logs for the duration of the school year.
  • Students must complete 150 minutes of physical activity per week for the duration of the school year. Health class minutes can be entered for the quarter students attend Health or Drivers Ed class to meet the state requirements.  
  • Students must meet the NJSIAA academic eligibility requirements.
  • Students must have received a final grade of a B or above in 9th and 10th grade physical education.
  • Students must attend their scheduled health class during the school year for one quarter.
  • Students may NOT enroll in another academic class; Option II students will be released during their PE period and must remain in the building during class time. No changes will be made to the students scheduled PE period.
  • Students who meet all eligibility criteria and complete all requirements which include an oral examination at the end of three marking periods will receive a grade of P (Pass) for 3.00 credits. Note: Pass/Fail courses DO NOT compute into a students’ overall GPA.
  • Students who do NOT complete all requirements of this program may be in jeopardy of failing to achieve all of the credit hours required for graduation.
  • In case of injury, sickness or the inability to participate in any physical activity, a doctor’s note will be required and must be submitted to the school nurse, physical education teacher, and guidance counselor in order for the student to go onto a Medical PE status. Students in this status will be required to complete assigned projects and makeup work. Parental notes for illness will NOT be accepted to excuse students from their activity. 


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