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Program Philosophy and Design

The following Spring workout manual was created to maximize your athletic potential. It is a 12 week program broken up into 3 phases which contain lifting, plyometrics, speed, conditioning, and rest days. It is important that you follow the program, 1) so you don’t overtrain, 2) so you maintain fitness levels gained in the summer, fall and, winter seasons, and, so you can build upon them this spring.

This manual contains a bodyweight and/or home object (backpack, buckets, bed sheets, etc.) workout. Be creative and think “outside the box” on ways to increase load or resistance. There are many good ideas on social media on how to achieve this. If you click on the exercises, you will be led to a video depicting the exercise. Additionally, only the first 4 weeks of the bodyweight and/or home object workout are included in this manual. These workouts will be updated every four weeks. I will forward them to your coaches who, in turn, will make them available to you. There is also an 11 week speed, plyometric, change of direction/agility, and conditioning program included. Additionally, each of the above Table of Contents sections have been made into a link and/or attachment and accompanied the manual in the email to your coaches. These links/attachments should be included in your coaches email to you. The links or attachments may be easier to use for accessing the workouts. Make sure you read the entire manual first before you begin the workouts.

This manual contains the basic components necessary for sport performance. Each of these components will enhance your physical development in a manner aimed at optimizing performance while decreasing the likelihood of injury. The 12 week program is designed to have 3 total body lifting sessions per week, 2 plyometric sessions, 2 sprint sessions, 2 change of direction/agility sessions, and 2 conditioning sessions per week. Lifting days should typically happen M/W/F with conditioning days being on T/TH. If for some reason, plyo, sprint, lifting, COD/agility, and conditioning sessions have to be done on the same day, the following progression should be used: 1) Plyo, 2) Speed 3) COD/Agility 4) strength training, followed by 4) conditioning.

SAQC (Speed , Agility, Quickness, Conditioning) & Strength Training

Weeks 1-12
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Plyo/Sprint Agilities Plyo/Sprint Agilities Total Body Lift

Total Body
Conditioning Total Body Lift Conditioning
Speed, Agility, Quickness and Conditioning
Please see the attached agility diagrams that showcase the movements, as well as, conditioning drills. Perform SAQ BEFORE strength training and perform conditioning AFTER strength training. Static stretching can be performed after SAQC. Plyometric Training Plyometric exercises are quick, powerful movements using a pre-stretch or countermovement that involves the stretch-shortening cycle. The purpose of these exercises are to increase the power of the movements by using the natural elastic
components of muscle and tendon and the stretch-reflex.

The exercises should be performed after properly going through the warm-up regimen and prior to the strength training exercises of this program. Please be sure
to focus on using proper mechanics and generating maximal effort into each rep performed. These exercises are about maximal power training, NOT, as
cardio-respiratory exercises.

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