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NJ High School Fencing

NJ has a vibrant fencing community, the biggest and best organized in the nation. Over 70 high schools have varsity fencing team. The Cetrulo / Santelli fencing event organized by the NJ Interscholastic Fencing Association is the largest High School Fencing event in the world with fencers from NJ, NY and PA coming to participate.

Fencing in High School is an excellent choice:

  • Nearly 20% of High School fencers continue competing in college. This is overwhelmingly higher than any other sport, continuity and resources
  • Fencers are typically among the highest academic achievers of any athletic group
  • Fencing is an excellent sport to write about in college applications
  • There is a persistent myth that fencing scholarships are plentiful and easy to get. This is not true. 

Fencing, especially in NJ have ample opportunities to fence outside of high school. The US Fencing Association (USFA) sanctions hundreds of tournaments statewide and nationally throughout the year. PHS Fencing has had several national medalists in the past. I hope to see many more in the future.

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