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If you want your own equipment

The team will provide equipment:

The school will provide all the safety gear and equipment that the athletes The equipment they will need:

  • Fencing Mask
  • Fencing Jacket
  • Plastron
  • Chest protector (required for women, optional for boys)
  • Glove
  • Fencing Pants for competition
  • Fencing Socks for competition
  • Body-Cords and Fencing Swords for practice and competition

When an athlete selects the equipment they will be using for the season they will store it in a personalized bag at the school. The equipment will not be used by anybody else (except in an emergency).

About your fencing equipment

Buying your equipment

After students have decided that fencing is for them, they often want to buy their own equipment.

For starters I strongly recommend that athletes go to Absolute Fencing in Bridgewater. The staff there can help with fitting and making sure that everything fits and is appropriate.

  Absolute Fencing Supply

Fencing Organizations

NJ High School Fencing

High School Fencing in NJ is organized under the NJ Interscholastic Fencing Association (NJIFA). This organization of HS Fencing coaches is the liason to the NJ Insterscholastic Athletics Association (NJISAA)

  NJ Interscholastic Fencing Association

US Fencing Association

Fencing in the US is organized under the US Fencing Association USFA. The USFA is the sport's governing body and the liason with the international organization the FIE)

  USA Fencing

Federation Internationale d'Escrime (FIE)

The international governing body of this sport is the FIE that determines any rule changes for the sport.


US Fencing Referees Comission

Under the USFA the Referees Commission trains and certifies referees and manages the rules. When the FIE passes rules changes the US Referees Commission determines how the US will implement those new rules.

For High School fencing the NJIFA and NJISAA will discuss rules changes being adopted by the USFA and how high school fencing will adopt those rules.

  US Fencing Referees Commission

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