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Tryout Details

Each player is assessed for technical ability with the ball, tactical understanding of the

game (attacking / defending), mental stamina and physical attributes (speed, agility, endurance,

strength) during various training exercises and games (1 v1, 5 v 5, 11 v 11).


Technical, tactical, mental and physical attributes for each goalkeeper are assessed during various training exercises and match play.

Fitness Tests:

1. The England FA Bleep Test is performed with two markers placed twenty meters apart, used as a

shuttle run. The test includes 21 levels starting at running speed of 8.5 km/h, increasing by 0.5

km/h with each level. Each level lasts 62 seconds with a person’s score recorded as the last

point at which they can keep in sync with the bleeps.

(Players can practice the test by accessing the link located on the Progressive Physical

Conditioning link of the team page)

2. 2 - Mile Run: The goal is to complete the run in 12:00 minutes or less

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