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Registering for Any PHS Sport

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Field Hockey Program Policies

*All players must register through the PHS athletics website, provide an updated physical, current ImPact baseline, and other paperwork ASAP! It is your responsibility to make sure you are cleared for the first day of pre-season. I recommend leaving a minimum of 3 weeks before pre-season starts to allow processing time, review by the school doctor, and confirmation that you are cleared.

1-Try-Outs / Cutting

The decisions for team placement and/or cutting from the program will be based on a combination of fitness, skill set, skill selection in game play, understanding of game strategy, tenacity, coachability/attitude, attendance, and effective/safe coach to player ratios. The coaching staff takes these decisions very seriously and we make every attempt to make the best decisions that we can in a short window of time.  We have been fortunate enough to avoid cutting and find a spot for all interested players on one of our three teams in the past few seasons. However, an increase in number of interested players could force us to make cuts in any given year.

2-Attendance is mandatory. 

One unexcused practice/game results in not playing in the next game.  Players may not attend practice if absent a full day from school. (except school field trips) Excused practices are usually academic in nature, must be communicated well in advance, and you must provide some sort of confirmation to the coaching staff. Ex. if its a dr appointment we ask that you get a note from their office, if it’s a college visit we ask that you forward the e-mail confirming that you are signed up to meet with someone etc. If after school help is inevitable, get prior permission from your coach. Players are expected to attend practice unless a doctor or our ATC has determined that they are unable to attend practice to learn by watching or have a fever. Each player will be given 1 freebie/unexcused absence for pre-season and another one for the regular season that must be communicated to your coach at least 48 hours in advance verbally and via e-mail. I would discourage using the one for pre-season during the try-out phase for obvious reasons. Your direct coach MUST BE NOTIFIED before the start of the practice/game if a player is unable to attend. If there isn’t communication with the coach before the start of the practice it will be considered unexcused.


Players must be on the bus for the announced departure times. Players are expected to ride the team bus to and from all away games. Players are not permitted to drive themselves to away games. If an emergency occurs, a player may leave their parent/legal guardian only. Dismissal times are listed in the rSchool app

4-Injuries and Sickness

All injuries and sickness must be reported immediately to the coaches and athletic trainer so that treatment can be initiated as promptly as possible. An accident report must be filed with the trainer and coach to validate proper insurance coverage. In order to resume participation, a “cleared for participation” note is required from the doctor giving medical attention to the player no matter what the outcome.


You will be responsible for all equipment issued. Please take good care of this equipment to provide the best use now and in the future. All equipment must be returned after the season at your final meeting.  Students are financially responsible for the individual replacement cost of all lost, stolen, and/or damaged equipment.

6-As a member of the Field Hockey Team, you are representing your community, school, family, coaches, and yourself. We expect you to act accordingly and behave in a respectful manner at all times. You must make it a priority to get proper sleep, eat well, and refrain from any activity which is dangerous to your health; this includes smoking/vaping, misuse of drugs, and drinking alcohol.

7-please don’t anticipate having every Saturday/Sunday off during the season as a Varsity player. We have several games and tournaments on Saturdays/Mondays and we may have to schedule in more Saturday/Sunday practices. I realize that this may create religious conflicts for some and players will not be penalized for this type of conflict. These decisions will be made on a week by week basis as the game schedule may change. In addition, please don’t plan any trips for the 4 day weekend in November if you are a member of the varsity team. Our post season is still going on during this time.


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