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Remote Tennis-2020

As this is anything but a "normal" spring tennis season, we're going to have to work on our training in a different way this year!  The mile run challenge will still be in effect for the duration of the remote training period, but there will be additional conditioning and drills posted here as well.  Make sure you are taking a break from your studies to stay active and keep fit both physically and mentally!  We will get through this challenging time together, and hope to be back on court again soon!yessmiley We hope you and your families are staying safe, healthy, and sane during this difficult phase.  Please reach out if you need!

Training plan

3x a week: Fitness: Timed 1 mile run (enter time in spreadsheet), or run 2 miles (more information in the block below)

2x a week: Footwork/cardio/strength drills: 15-20 minutes (check out the videos on the "Training videos" page to the left)

2-3x a week: Racket work: either find a family member to rally with in your driveway, or a wall or garage door (gently!) to work on volleys, quick hands, or some mini-tennis.

Mile Challenge Spreadsheet

Here is the link to the Mile challenge document-remember, you should be running a mile at LEAST 3 times a week and recording the time here.  You're obviously welcome to run further, or more frequently, but this is the minimum.  For those who haven't yet entered times, please do so ASAP!

  Google Doc-Mile times

The Tennis Frame "Juggling" Challenge

Watch this video of Nadal and the "Wimbjuggledon" challenge... how many times can you bounce the ball on your racket frame?  While 406 is a bit of a stretch, let's see who's the "2020 PHS Remotejuggledon Champ!!" (Get someone to video you if you can-winning effort will need to be verified!) laugh  You can enter your number in the first column on the Google doc tracking mile times.


Contact us:

Head Coach, Sarah Hibbert:

Assistant Coach, Christian Herzog:

Zoom lunches!

Reminder to join us for our Friday zoom lunches-details and links/codes will be in your email! yes

USTA COVID-19 info

Here is a page from the USTA with guidelines for playing tennis, along with some at home activities.

  USTA-COVID-19 Guidelines

Let us know...

What has been the best and worst part of remote learning?  What have you been enjoying, and what are you totally done with?  Tell us about it...

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Need a boost?

If you need an inspirational quote or some mental toughness, Tennis Mindset is reaching out to athletes, parents, and coaches with a texting service-if you join, you will receive daily motivational quotes, videos and lessons directly to your phone. yes

Text Mindset1 to 84576 to join and receive our Free Daily Motivation BlaZts.

They also add: "We urge anyone struggling with Mental Health issues, anxiety or depression to reach out to us immediately free of charge. You can reach Tennis Mindset at (800) 215-3179 and email us at"

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