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  • All individuals entering the Princeton Unified Middle School facility must be screened prior to entering the facility.  Screening will include a COVID-19 questionnaire and temperature screening.
  • A Princeton Public Schools employee will administer temperature checks after confirming the COVID-19 health screening questionnaire has been completed.  These are precautionary steps being taken to ensure the safety of all users of our facility and are part of our efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  This information will be recorded and saved for the purpose of contact tracing.
  • If anyone answers yes to any of the screening questions or has a temperature of 100.4 or higher, they will be denied access to the facility.  This policy is to ensure the safety of all users, including rental parties.
  • Anyone who is denied entry must exit the facility immediately.
  • Locker rooms will not be available for use.
  • No spectators or parents/guardians are permitted in the facility.  Swimmers must enter and exit by themselves.  Designated pick-up and drop-off areas will be shared on the athletic website and discussed at an orientational webinar.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times except when in the water.  Physical distancing must be observed at all times.
  • Users will enter the building only through the single door closest to the stairway entrance using the sidewalk on Guyot which runs parallel to B-wing.  Entering of the pool will be through the single door leading directly into the pool.  Exiting the pool will be through the double doors in the pool area.
  • No changing on the pool deck.  Swimmers should wear their suits to and from practice.
  • The bathrooms will be accessible for use.  Face masks must be worn at all times and physical distancing must be observed.  One person at a time is permitted to use the restroom located outside of the pool deck.
  • Foot coverings must be worn at all times, including pool deck and bathrooms.
  • 25% of pool’s capacity is allowed in the facility (61), which includes the pool deck and in the water.  Team members will wait in designated areas to be screened prior to entry.
  • If there are staggered sessions, 15 minutes between each practice and limited group sizes, 4 swimmers per lane.
  • Only one swimmer per lane or one direction per lane and physical distancing must be maintained. *(Exceptions for competitive swim, which follows guidelines from USA Swimming and Health Department to ensure physical distancing)
  • Entrance and exit from pool should be done by lane in order to continue to maintain physical distancing.
  • Swimmers should try to enter and exit the pool from the deck by their lane (if possible) to minimize touching the ladders.  The ladders will be sanitized following use by a swimmer.
  • Chlorine must be tested prior to entering the pool.  Chlorine must be no lower than 2.0(no higher than 10).
  • No equipment from Princeton Unified Middle School can be used at this time including fins, kickboards and pull buoys.
  • No changing is permitted on the pool deck.  Users are asked to quickly exit the pool after use and leave the facility through the exit.  Belongings such as towels, backpacks, and masks can be placed on benches corresponding to assigned lanes.
  • In the event CPR is needed, a bag valve mask will be located in the First Aid cabinet next to the pool office.
  • Disposable gowns are also available in the First Aid cabinet to place on victims or rescuers to minimize physical contact during a rescue or First Aid application.  Disposable face shields are also available in the First Aid cabinet in the pool office.
  • In the event of an emergency or evacuation, physical distancing must be observed, and masks must be worn.  Team members must observe physical distancing while exiting through the double door near the shallow end of the pool.  Guyot Ave sidewalk is the meeting area in the event of an evacuation.  Physical distancing must be observed while in the meeting area.
  • In the event an immediate exit is necessary and physical distancing is difficult to observe, members can exit through the two exit doors in the pool area in order to get members out as quickly as possible.  Physical distancing must be maintained, and face masks be worn.  Swimmers and coaches will regroup on the Guyot sidewalk by the pool.
Staffing and Pool Facility Operations
  • Princeton Public Schools employees and outside orgabizations using our facility will be trained and equipped on COVID-19 awareness, cleaning, and sanitizing.
  • Princeton Public Schools pool staff and renters (pool manager, lifeguards, coaches, teachers) will be certified and have valid certifications.  Certifications will be available in the Aquatic Supervision Plan.
  • COVID-19 Ambassador for the PHS will be the Head Swim Team Coach, Carly Misiewicz.  Renters must designate and inform the Pool Manager of their COVID-19 Ambassador.  The COVID-19 ambassador will ensure and encourage physical distancing, mask wearing and ensure sanitizing is performed as needed and required.
  • COVID-19 Contact person for the high school will be Princeton High School Athletic Trainer, Shannon Koch.  Pool Manager Sue Welsh will be the contact person for Princeton Unified Middle School for outside organizations who rent our faciliy.


Personal Protective Equipment


  • PPE will be supplied by the Princeton Public Schools for all district programs.
  1.  Staff will be provided masks and gloves as needed
  2. Extra masks and gloves will be available if needed
  • Renters/outside users will supply their own Personal Protective Equipment
  •  COVID -19 Awareness Training will be provided to Princeton Public School staff and updated as needed.
  • Police Notification
  • In the event of a non-compliance incident, the coach/staff member will be responsible to handle the situation
  • The coach will report the incident to the Athletic Director if school related or Pool Manager if outside user.
  • The school security will be called, if there is a refusal to comply.
  • If necessary, the Princeton Police can be contacted.


  1. Screening and Admittance Policy


  1. Screening and admittance for Princeton Unified Middle School pool and Princeton High School Swim Team


  1. Persons that have a fever 100.4 or above or other signs of COVID-19 illness will not be admitted to Princeton Unified Middle School.
  2. Parents, coaches, lifeguards and staff are required to be on alert for signs of illness in swimmers and keep them home when they are sick
  3. For the purpose of the policy, participants include any visitors to the Princeton Middle School, including but not limited to swimmers, lifeguards, coaches, staff and maintenance professionals. 


In order to effectuate this policy, we will institute the following protocols:


  • Screening Required
    • At designated entry points, participants and staff must be screened for fever or signs of COVID-19 illness prior to being permitted to enter the pool or participate in any swim program.
  • Symptoms Related to COVID-19
    • Fever or chills
    • Cough
    • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
    • Fatigue
    • Muscle or body ache
    • New loss of taste or smell
    • Sore throat
    • Congestion or runny nose
    • Nausea or vomiting
    • Diarrhea
  • Daily health screening for participants/staff will be conducted and results documented.  If symptoms are identified prior to entrance to the site, entry will be denied.

II.  Required Actions for Positive Screening Results

  1. The following actions will be taken in response to individuals exhibiting signs and symptoms of COVID-19 (example-fever, cough, shortness of breath)


  1. Immediately separate the ill person from the well people until the ill person can leave the site. 
  2. The caregiver attending the ill person and the ill person must wear a face covering and maintain physical distancing within the care area.
  3. Staff members will be sent home and advised on next steps by the Athletic Director.


  1. Individual with Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19


  1. Individuals (example, children, coaches, lifeguards, care providers, or staff) who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19, will be sent home or denied entry.  Refer to the isolation and quarantine chart below to determine when they may return.


COVID-19 symptoms include:

  1. Cough
  2. Fever (100.4 or above)
  3. Chills
  4. Muscle pain
  5. Sore pain
  6. New loss of taste or smell
  7. Other signs of new illness that are not related to pre-existing condition (such as seasonal allergies)


  1. A suspected case is a person who shows symptoms of COVID-19 but has not yet been tested or is waiting for test results.  A confirmed case is a person (with or without symptoms) who received a positive result from a COVID-19 laboratory test.

III.   Return to Princeton Unified Middle School


  1. The following provides information on isolation and quarantine and when a person may return to Princeton Unified Middle School pool.


        Individuals who have symptoms of COVID-19 AND have tested Positive (by PCR, rapid molecular or antigen testing)  Or Individuals who have not been tested (example, monitoring for symptoms at home should stay home and away from others until:


  1.   At least 14 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared and


  1. they have had no fever for at least 72 hours (three full days without use of medicine that reduces fever) and
  2. other symptoms have improved (for example, symptoms of cough or shortness of breath have improved)


  1.   Individuals who have NO symptoms and have tested positive should stay

  home and away from others until:


  1. 14 days have passed from the collection date of their positive COVID-19 diagnostic test and they have not developed symptoms.


  1.   Individuals who have symptoms and have tested negative should stay

  home and away from others until:


  1. 72 hours after their fever has ended without the use of fever reducing medications and other symptoms improve.  *Close contact is defined as being within 6 feet for at least a period of 10 minutes.  ** Siblings and household members should remain at home for 14 days.


IV   COVID-19 Infection Occurs in One Defined Group


  1.  If a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19 infection occurs in one defined group within the Princeton High School swim team or rental group, the ill person will be sent home.


  1. other participants the group may be considered close contacts of that case and be quarantined in their homes for 14 days.
  2. parents/guardians and staff facility-wide will be informed of the situation.  Personal and identifying information will not be released.
  3. the CDC guidance for cleaning and disinfection will be followed.
  4. other groups including rentals within Princeton Unified Middle School pool can continue to function, with daily vigilant screening for illness occurring and physical distancing and personal and environmental hygiene measures strictly adhered to.
  5. if suspected or confirmed cases occur in multiple groups within Princeton Unified Middle School, Princeton Unified Middle School pool, rental groups, or Princeton High School swim team then all operations within the facility may need to be suspended.


  1. Notification Required


  1. If a staff member or participant tests positive for COVID-19, the Princeton Health Department will be notified immediately as well as NJ Department of Health
  2. Princeton Public Schools will notify all staff members and designated swim team representative if a positive case is identified in a person attending the facilities.  The name, age, or description of the person will not be released to the public by the facility.  Each swim team representative will be responsible to notify all participants for their team (parents, coaches, lifeguards).
  3. Staff, coaches, swimmers, lifeguards and other participants shall notify the Athletic Director immediately and prior to returning to the facility, if they have a known exposure to COVID-19 outside of Princeton Unified Middle School pool facility or they are advised by a medical professional/health official to self-isolate or self-quarantine.


           V.   Actions Taken After Diagnosis or Exposure


  1. Close contacts and/or sick staff members or team members should not return to Princeton Unified Middle School until they have met CDC’s criteria for release of isolation or quarantine.


VI.   Admittance and Access


  1. The following will be adhered to by all users of the Princeton Unified Middle School pool.
  1. Entrance to Princeton Unified Middle School will be through the single red door by the girls’ stairwell which is located on the Guyot side of the middle school.
  2. Entrance into the pool area will be through the single gray door which leads directly into the pool area.
  3. Signs will be posted at the entrance regarding COVID-19.
  4. Swimmers will be required to attend the same practice time daily.  Attendance records will be documented and remain in the Pool Manager’s office for easy access.
  5. Maximum capacity for the Princeton Unified Middle School pool is 243, 25% would be 61 people.
  6. Based on the pool surface area 25% bather load would be 44 swimmers.
  7. It is highly recommended that no more than 4 swimmers occupy a lane for a total of 32 swimmers.
  8. Swimmers in the lanes will be physically distance at least 10 feet.
  9. Coaches and lifeguards are permitted on the pool deck but can not exceed a total of 61 people including the swimmers.
  10.  District swimmers, coaches and staff will be required to sign in on- line each day.
  11.  Swimmers will not be permitted to share equipment, they must provide their own.
  12.  Swimmers will exit the pool area via the double doors in the pool area leading directly outside.


  1. Infection Control


  1. Enhanced and frequent cleaning and sanitizing using EPA approved disinfectant following the CDC guidelines will be implemented.
  1. Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance, exit and restrooms.
  2. Sanitizing of bleachers, high touch area will be as needed
  3. There will be no sharing of equipment, swimmers must provide their own equipment.


  1. Cleaning Policy


  1. Enhanced cleaning and disinfection using EPA approved products will be scheduled throughout the day, after each use, and more if needed


  1. All high touch surfaces will be wiped down prior to the start of each swim practice, after each swim practice, and more if needed using EPA-approved disinfectant.
  2. These high touch surfaces include but not limited to:  pool ladders, starting blocks, door handles, and pool deck entry by each lane.
  3. Guard stands, rescue tubes and test kits will also be wiped down after each use, or more if needed.
  4. Staff must wear disposable nitrile gloves while cleaning, which will be provided.
  5. Staff will use EPA-approved disinfectant spray or wipes to wipe down the above-mentioned high touch surfaces.
  6. If bathrooms are used, high touch surfaces will also be wiped down after use including sinks, paper towel dispensers or air dryers, stall doors and locks, and toilet handles.
  7. A new towel or wipe will be used for each new surface that is cleaned.
  8. Staff will properly dispose of gloves after each cleaning
  9. There will be a cleaning log which will document the times cleaning takes place, the staff member/coach cleaning, what areas will be cleaned and what was used to clean each area.  Cleaning supplies, Sanitizer, Disinfectant, and Paper Towels will be available and located at a cleaning station on the pool deck.
  10. Bathroom supplies will be checked and refilled as needed.
  11. Bleachers will be used for personal items; bleachers will be marked to insure social distancing.  Bleachers will be sanitized after each practice, and more if needed.


  1. First Aid Treatment


  1. In the event first aid or emergency treatment is necessary, lifeguards and staff must treat the victim as if they are COVID-19 positive.
  1.  Staff treating the victim must wear gloves and a mask.  Bag valve will be used for CPR.
  2. One guard or staff member can work on a victim while a second staff member helps secure the scene, while encouraging members to exit the scene while maintaining physical distancing.
  3. If two guards or staff members need to work on a victim, they should try to maintain physical distancing.  They can position themselves on opposite sides of the victim, in the case an AED is needed, or bag valve CPR needs to be performed.
  4. In the event a victim requires First Aid, a disposable gown (located in the bottom drawer of the first aid cabinet) can be placed over the victim to limit contact with the staff member treating the victim.
  5. All ventilators must be provided with the bag valve mask.
  6. Face barriers are also available in the First Aid cabinet lower drawer if needed to treat a victim requiring first aid treatment.
  7. In the event of a spinal injury, the aquatic area will be cleared.  Any guard entering the water will remove their mask.  All guards on deck will wear a mask and gloves and work together with the lifeguard in the water to stabilize and extricate the victim.  Once the victim is on deck, normal assessment and treatment of the injury can take place.
  8. An accident report must be completed following any treatment that has been provided.
  9. The First Aid cabinet will be properly sanitized following treatment for the victim.
  10. First Aid supplies that are disposable should be discarded following use.  Any non-disposable supplies used such as an AED must be properly sanitized after use and returned to the storage site.


  1.  Indoor Air and Ventilation


  1. The latest CDC guidelines for ventilation should be reviewed and followed
  1. Pool doors may be opened to improve ventilation
  2. HVAC units are inspected on a regular basis
  3. Filters are changed according to manufacturer’s recommendations
  4. HVAC unit ventilation is a minimum of 20 % when outside air temperatures are lower than 35 degrees and higher than 65 degrees. 
  5. Five or six Bio-Ox air cleaners will be operational during facility use.


  1. Restrooms, Shower Access and Individual Safety


  1. Providing the safest environment, rules must be followed regarding restrooms and showers.
  1. Locker rooms will NOT be used.  Swimmers are required to shower at home prior to attending swim practice.
  2. Restrooms will be available as needed.  One person at a time will be able to access the bathroom.
  3. Foot coverings will be required on the pool deck, hallways, and restrooms.
  1. Face Masks and Gloves
  1.  Staff, coaches, team members must wear face masks while entering, exiting and while not in the water
  2. Face masks are not allowed in the water.
  3. Lifeguards should not wear masks while on stand, actively life guarding.
  4. Lifeguards are encouraged to wear face masks when they are not on duty or actively life guarding and cannot maintain physical distancing of 6 feet.
  5. Princeton Public Schools will supply their staff and students with a face mask along with gloves.  Renters are required to have their own masks and gloves.
  6. Extra masks will be available if needed.  Renters should have extra masks on hand if needed by a member of their team.


  1.   Physical Distancing
  1. Physical distancing of 6 feet on land and 10 feet in the water will be enforced by the coaches and lifeguards.
  2. Personal items will be stored on designated spots on the bleachers that will be physical distanced from other team members.
  3. Signage reinforcing physical distancing will be posted.


  1. Communication Plan


  1.  Teams are required to communicate and sign off on rules and policies for Princeton Unified Middle School pool
  1. Swim team members and their parents will receive a contract explaining all rules, regulations, and compliance protocols, which will be enforced.
  2. Team members will be required to sign in online before entering the facility on days they are attending practice.
  3. Signs will be visible throughout the facility.
  4. Coaches will have meetings and discussions to emphasize the importance of physical distancing and hygiene.
  1. Signage for Pool Deck and Bathrooms
  1. Wash your hands
  2. Help protect yourself and others from COVID-19
  3. Stop the spread of germs
  4. Stay home if you are sick
  5. Pool facility guidelines
  6. Entrance and Exit clearly marked
  7. Locker rooms closed.
  8. Lanes and benches numbered
  9. Physical distancing spacing near pool, in lobby, near bathrooms
  10. Bathroom rules on bathroom doors


  1. Postings include
  1. Face masks must be worn
  2. Face masks should NOT be worn in the water
  3. Hands should be washed frequently with soap and water
  4. Hand sanitizer that is at least 60% alcohol should be used if soap and water are not available.
  5. Individuals should not touch their faces, especially eyes, nose or mouth with unwashed hands.
  6. Individuals must stay home if they are sick
  7. Practice physical distancing and avoid large gatherings.
  8. Food is not allowed in the pool area


  1. Pool Emergency Evacuation Plan
  1. In the event of an emergency and team members must evacuate the pool, if there is time, members will be asked to leave the pool from the exit, one person at time while maintaining physical distance.

2.  If there is not time and members must immediately exit the facility     

   members can be dispersed to one of two exits from the pool to

   allow the quickest exit from the pool that will also allow physical


  1. If members must stay in the building or on pool deck, member must maintain physical distancing and wear a mask.
  2. The sidewalk parallel to the pool on Guyot will be the meeting place following an evacuation (unless deemed unsafe due to the emergency) Team members will be asked to stand on the yellow markings on the sidewalk which are six feet apart with their masks on.
  3. The members will remain outside until it is safe to return or they leave with a parent or guardian.






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