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Individual Drills
We utilize these drills on a daily basis

Drills working on Movement and Building on Individuals

Pre-Pitch Hop
Please view this video and the videos below to understand our goal of starting with a pre-pitch hop

The Hop

Below you will see links to other examples of the Pre pitch hop. These resources really show how multiple MLB infielders use this hop to prepare for what is coming. 

Here is a quote from current Minor Leaguer for the Seattle Mariners and former Florida State Shortstop Mike Salvatore. Mike is one of the hardest workers I’ve coached and it has shown.

“I started to do it later in my high school career and really seen the benefits of it as I got higher in the levels. I found it gave me an extra step in every direction and kept me in the game more. It’s easy to get disengaged in long innings and that a way to stay locked in and gain more range. Now its second nature to me and I can’t go a pitch without it”

Creating Rhythm While Fielding

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