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3 Day a Week at home work out

Here is a message and workout plan from Coach Torrey, I would like all of you to try and commit to doing this. This way we are on the same page and our bodies are in similar shape when we get back on a field. 

" I put the attached together. It is a 3-day, full body, strength training and mobility program. Each exercise in the Google Sheets document is actually a link to a YouTube video that depicts the exercise.  No weight lifting equipment is needed. It can be done as bodyweight workout. However, some suggestions to add load to the lifts are filling backpacks or buckets, using canned or bottled goods, using towels or bedsheets with a knot in them to wedge into he top of a door jam to use as a TRX suspension trainer, etc. "

Page_white_acrobat PHS 2020 Spring At Home 3-Day Strength Training Workouts Weeks 1-4.pdf
Page_white_acrobat PHS 2020 Spring Phase 2 At Home 3-Day Strength Training Workouts Weeks 5-8.pdf

Additional At Home Workout Resources

Full Depth Performance is a trusted performance training facility and is utilized by program players for training as well as hitting and pitching lessons. We trust those in charge of this facility and have supreme confidence what they do helps baseball athletes tremendously.

Hip Mobility Routine

Hip Mobility is essential to all things baseball

Yoga for Hip Mobility

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