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Equipment Needed to Play Ice Hockey

The following is a list of equipment that is mandatory in order to step on the ice to play ice hockey:

Hockey Skates (No figure skates allowed; hockey skates should have a snug fit but you should be able to wiggle your toes freely when skates are laced up)

Shin Guards

Hockey Socks (to be worn over your shin guards)

Hockey Tape and/or hockey girdle to hold your socks up-otherwise you can use clear hockey tape to keep socks from sliding down)

Pelvic protector/Cup

Hockey pants (the more padding the better to deflect pucks from hitting you)  Note-If playing goalie specific hockey pants need to be worn.

Chest Protector/Shoulder Pads (Ideally one that fits snug and has a protective plate that covers entire chest down to your waist)

Elbow Pads

Neck Guard

Hockey Helmet (it can't have open areas near the ears and must have a chin strap and two regular straps to hold on your head correctly)

Mouthguard (Must be attached to your helmet and worn in mouth while on ice)

Hockey Jersey (to put over your chest protector and elbow pads)

Now the fun can begin.

Helpful suggestion:  If you are just starting this sport or thinking of trying the sport you should reach out to Coach Christian Herzog @ with any questions about equipment.  Additionally returning players sometimes have equipment you can borrow but it is on a first come first serve basis.  Keep in mind this is not guaranteed.

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