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PHS Girls Ice Hockey Team Info, Expectations, Rules and Committment

About the PHS Girls Ice Hockey Team

The 2020-21 season will mark 28 years of Girls Ice Hockey at Princeton High School.  This is rare  and a unique opportunity to play and learn this sport as very few public schools in the state of New Jersey fund a Girls Ice Hockey program.  As a result of this fact we compete against teams in New Jersey but also play teams outside the state as well.  We are a founding member of the W.I.H.L.M.A (Women's Ice Hockey League of the Mid-Atlantic) which is made up of Princeton High School and private school teams from Maryland, Pennsylvania and New York.

Rules for Ice Hockey

The PHS Girls Ice Hockey Team follows both the NJSIAA rules for Ice Hockey and also adheres to the rules and bylaws of the W.I.H.L.M.A (Women's Ice Hockey League of the Mid-Atlantic).  Which rules we follow depends on the opponent we play (whether the opposing team is a W.I.H.L.M.A. league game or the game is a non-conference game in New Jersey).

Team Expectations

Similar to other sports, making the decision to play Ice Hockey should be decided upon after understanding the team expectations, your own outside commitments, academic workload and personal factors.  A typical season consists of a minimum of 20 practices and roughly 20 games counting playoffs.  As stated above, we compete in NJ and outside of the state which means there are long bus rides and it is a significant time commitment.  There are days when you will miss academic classes to travel to games and you are still responsible for making up the work you missed while playing hockey.  Additionally, you are expected to attend every game and practice and communicate in advance if you cannot make a scheduled event (barring sickness).  Attendance is extremely important as there is a limited number of practices and games due to ice availability and cost associated with ice rental.  

Practices are held 2-3 times per week at 6am before school at Hobey Baker Rink on Princeton University's Campus which begin in early November (schedule for season can be found in rschool).  Games start in December (no events during Winter Break) and continue through February until the playoffs which are held on the weekend of Presidents Day every year (hotel stay required unless held at Princeton Day School).  All teams in the WIHLMA participate in the playoffs during President's Day weekend regardless of season record which is important to note.  Additionally there is a minimum of one travel weekend besides the playoffs (this season we travel to Maryland) to play.  We typically will leave school early, play a game out of state, have a team dinner, stay at a hotel, play another game the next morning, grab something to eat and then head back to Princeton High School. 

Important Reminder: In order to tryout for the Girls Ice Hockey team you will need to cleared with the proper medical clearance forms (see how to register for ice hockey separate page), have successfully passed the impact test (see how to register page), and have all the necessary required equipment (list provided on separate website page).

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