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Footwork Training Video
This is a great way to practice your footwork on your driveway-if you don't have cones or spots, you can use chalk, tennis balls, sticks, or rocks (just don't step on them!)

More footwork/conditioning activities

Here are some great footwork drills to practice-you can follow along with the video.  If you go to the end, there are additional conditioning exercises to integrate into workouts.

Interval Training
Fitness interval training-you should be doing one of the higher intensity modifications.

Core training
We do a lot of these already, but make sure you're still strengthening your core muscles to keep your back protected!


Push up variations
Here are some (31!) variations on push ups if you're bored with the traditional ones... mix in some new ones to work different muscles (triceps, shoulders, back, etc)


PTP Training Videos

PTP has also put together some videos of exercises with their teaching pros if you want to check out any of your favorite teacher's videos!


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