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General information about tryouts

Tryouts for the 2020 Girls' tennis team are still up in the air, based on the decisions of the NJSIAA.  Here is a link to the NJSIAA page so that you can see the latest from them, and here are the return to play guidelines as of July 20th. When tryouts begin, they will take place at the PHS (and probably CP) courts. It now appears we won't return to the courts in September, with proper safety protocols in place, but as we know more information, it will be updated here.  Traditionally, when we start preseason in August, we run sessions in the morning between 8:30-12:30 or so, sometimes staggered slightly depending on the numbers we have trying out, but there isn't more than 3 hours on court in a session.  If we return in September this year, the after school sessions will likely run from 3:30-5:30.  When it's especially hot, there are additional safety precautions taken. 

To be eligible for tryouts, you will need to have a completed set of paperwork and a physical on file, CLICK HERE to visit that page and register.

You will also need to have an impact test within the past 2 years, CLICK HERE to schedule an impact test.

The varsity team has 7 players, and we normally have about 12-14 on JV; the teams are determined by a series of challenge matches. 

Over the summer you should be conditioning and playing matches (if you don't already) to prepare.

General team information

Once season starts, we typically practice or have a match every day after school.  If it is a practice, we will be at the courts from 3:30 to around 5:30.   If it's a home match, it will be at the PHS courts (varsity) or CP courts (JV) starting around 4 until the conclusion.  If it's an away match, we will often leave school a bit early to avoid traffic departing Princeton, and return to the back lot by the tennis courts at the conclusion.

Some of these things may be subject to change, depending on what the fall season looks like.

Suggested training plan to get ready for fall

3x a week: Fitness: Timed 1 mile run, or run 2+ miles (either time yourself for running a mile, and try to keep shaving seconds off your time, or run 2 or more miles to work on endurance)

2x a week: Footwork/cardio/strength drills: 15-20 minutes (check out the videos on the "Training videos" page to the left)

2-3x a week: Racket work: either find a family member to rally with in your driveway, or a wall or garage door (gently!) to work on volleys, quick hands, or some mini-tennis, or get back out on court when possible!

Equipment needed

For tryouts, please bring:

  • racket(s) 
  • tennis sneakers in good condition (no holes for safety!)
  • water jug (enough for 2-3 hours, likely no fountains available)
  • sunscreen
  • a hat/visor or sunglasses if you like
  • face mask
  • hand sanitizer
  • a small snack if desired 
  • backpack/racket bag to store personal belongings

Here is the link to the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) Tennis page-it has the rules of tennis, along with other important information.


Friend at Court-2020

Here's the link to the rules of tennis.

  Friend at Court 2020

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