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Core Philosophy

Princeton High School Cross Country can be characterized by the following core ideals.

1- Growth Mindset. I believe that ever individual has the capacity to grow given the time support and opportunity. It is our goal to provide the environment to support that growth.

2- Challenge by choice. I believe that to find success the athlete must be given a voice in the process. This autonomy is summarized by challenge by choice. The training we do is challenging at many levels. These physical, mental and emotional challenges are fundamental to growth and represent the collaberation between each athlete and the coaches.

3- Patience. I believe that for meaningful growth to occur a deep meaningful experience must exist.  For that experience to occur both athletes and coaches must be patient. We can focus on long term goals and be committed to not just immediate gains but maximizing long term potential.

4- Leadership. I believe that every member of our program has a role in our success. Leadership is the foundation of that success.

5- Value. I believe that every member of our program has value. That value is the result of each individuals contribution, the community built by our coaches and athletes, and the legacy left by the generations of athletes that have come before.

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