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       Mondays- Mental Health                                                  Wednesdays- Wall Ball and Writing

Tuesdays and Thursdays- Timed Runs                                          Friday- Fast Feet n' Film

Coaching Staff


Head Coach Reilly


Assistant Coach Federico

JV Coach McDaniel


A Word from Our Captains

Why They Play Lacrosse:

I play lacrosse for PHS because it has made me into a better person and set me up for life beyond high school. I am playing at Michigan next year and without all of my coaches, teammates and friends I wouldn’t have had the motivation and passion I do for the sport. I specifically love playing for PHS because of the rivalries we have and how close we are at a team. The team is a place I can always go if I need to talk to someone and I love that we have a close bond. We are a family!

I chose to play lacrosse this year not only because of the fitness aspect but the people that are a part of this program. These people have helped me through so much in my life and always gave me the motivation to accomplish what seemed impossible.The bond that I made with every single person keeps me coming back to such an amazing program. 

I think the entire team with the addition of the coaches that literally have my back 24/7 are what inspires me. Every year I love this team even more. Lacrosse not only gets me in such great shape but it also keeps me on my toes and works different muscles than I do in soccer. The hard work combined with the healthy competition and laughter is the perfect recipe for a state title winning team. Overall, this team is one of the best teams off the field that really keep me going.

I play lacrosse because I love the game. I love running down the field at full speed and setting up around the 12 with my teammates and passing the ball around until we get the opportunity to score. I love bus rides to different High schools blasting music during pregame. I love seeing my teammates in school wearing our uniform on game day and getting hyped up. I love getting texts from my dad wishing me good luck before games. I love warm ups and all of us arguing about who’s playlist to play. I love seeing my coaches walk down the steps to the turf knowing it’s time to make them proud. I love scoring goals and winning games. I love looking up into the stands and hearing the parents cheer. I love looking over to the fence and seeing my parents and family watching me from a far but being just as loud. I love setting goals for myself each game. And I love knowing I am good at what I do and knowing there’s a purpose. I love Princeton high school and I think the girls varsity lacrosse team is a perfect example of what a team should look like and pure school spirit. I will miss everything and everyone so much next year.

Princeton forever

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