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Welcome to PHS Tiger Baseball

Welcome to the Virtual Learning page of the PHS Tiger Baseball Program. The PHS Tiger Baseball program strives to teach high school athletes the importance of commitment, dedication, and vulnerability through the game of baseball and life. We connect our on the field lessons to the outside world every chance we get and we are dedicated to producing good baseball players but even better young adults. We strive to attain a culture conducive to inclusivity and openness for all athletes and empower the athletes to develop ownership of the culture this program possesses. We have high expectations for commitment to all aspects of being a student athlete as well as performance on the field. Once a tiger always a tiger and we hope that our athletes, families, and supporters always carry that Tiger Pride with them. 

Coaching Staff: 

Head Coach: Dominic Capuano ( )

Coach Capuano is entering his 2nd season as head coach and his 7th overall in the program. Coach Capuano played collegiate baseball at TCNJ and has been coaching baseball for 10 years now. 

Varsity Assistant Coach: Scott Goldsmith

Coach Goldsmith exemplifies once a tiger always a tiger. He has gone through this program and a player and a coach and boasts over 20 years of experience with the PHS Tiger Baseball Program

JV Head Coach/Varsity Assistant: Benito Gonzalez

Coach Gonzalez is entering his 2nd season with the High School program but his 4th in the district. Coach Gonzalez is also a PHS Tiger Baseball alum, as well as being a teammates of Coach Capuano's at TCNJ. 


Our basic principal on every single thing we teach is efficiency. Having the most efficient swing, fielding technique, pitching mechanics, and mentality towards the game of baseball. 

Efficient Swing: 

-Hip Shoulder Separation: Use your back shoulder to load. Balanced lower body landing with belt buckle to contact point and front hip in front. 

-Barrel turn


Efficient Fielding:

-Good preparation

-Good First Step/Being Prepared

-Come through the ball


Efficient Pitching Mechanics: 

-Move down the mound

-Hip/Shoulder Separation

-Take the ball out with elbows

-Corkscrew Body

-Stay on rotational axis


Efficient Mentality:


-Vulnerability to failure and learning

-Willingness to work hard and try something new

-Trust in teammates and Coaches

-Willingness and desire to compete and succeed

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