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Program Update - Aug 27, 2020

Our volleyball season has been pushed back to a potential start date of February 16th. Please click here for more information from the NJSIAA:

Student athletes will need to register (or re-register if you signed up for the fall) in the winter for this new season.


From Thursday, July 29th.

Coach Contact

Head Coach: Ms. Patricia Manhart (PHS teacher)

Latest from NJSIAA

Tryout Info

Players will be evaluated using the attached rubric & form during the tryout process. Please note - some categories like coachability and effort - may be weighted more than skills, especially for new and developing players.**

**New and developing players, please do not be intimidated by this rubric! For rising 9th graders the coaches are looking for effort, potential and attitude more than immediate mastery of skills.

Page_white_acrobat Tryout Evaluation.pdf
Page_white_acrobat Tryout Rubric.pdf

Off Season Updates - June 5th, 2020

Meeting Highlights:

  • Take care of yourselves and each other.
  • Congrats to our graduating seniors!
  • Use the calendar dates to schedule fall activities around volleyball.
  • Stay tuned for more COVID-19 reopening updates – I’ll post what I know, when I know it.
  • Please train at home – your preparedness for the 2020 season is crucial for reducing the rate of injury when we return to play.
  • Communicate with rising 9th graders about coming out for the team.
  • Send me any videos, training ideas, messages that can be posted to the website for others.
  • Fridays are team days! Send a message in your group chat saying hi to stay in touch with teammates in the offeason.
Film Team Meeting.mp4

Recommendations from the NFSHSA

Volleyball has been categorized as a "moderate risk" sport, but could be low risk "with appropriate cleaning of equipment and use of masks by participants."

In Phase 1 of return, gatherings would involve no more than 10 individuals, locker rooms would not be utilized and distances of six feet or more must be maintained.

All athletic equipment, including balls, should be cleaned after each use and prior to the next workout, and balls shouldn’t be passed or thrown between individuals. Athletes should not make contact with each other.

In Phase 2, up to 50 individuals may gather for outdoor workouts and 10 people inside. Social distancing of six feet must be maintained between individuals.

Lower risk sports practices and competitions may resume, while modified practices may begin for moderate risk sports.

In Phase 3, individuals should maintain a distance of three to six feet while not engaged in competition. Gatherings of up to 50 people can occur indoors or outdoors.

Moderate risk sports practices and competitions may begin, and modified practices may begin for higher risk sports.

NJSIAA Statement

From May 30, 2020.


New State Tournament Format

Key points from article:

Instead of just 5 overall group tournaments, we'll now have 18 (maybe?) sectional tournaments based on geography.
Power points will determine seeding instead of the committee approach previously used.

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