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  High School Fencing Format
In NJ High School fencing all bouts are to five touches with a 3 minute fencing time.
Bout wins and losses are tallied for the toal score.
Each squad may make a single substitution during a match
The rules follow USFA rules except for a couple exceptions:
  • The fleche (a running attack) is not explicitly allowed in NJ High School Fencing. An attacking action is allowed a single forward crossover to deliver a touch. This means a properly exceuted fleche is allowed while one made off balance or out of distance will not.
  • A single timeout may be called by the coach or team captain for each bout to reset strategy.
  Team Structure
You will hear a lot of talk about A strip B strip and C strip. This is general ranking of the fencers on the team. The A fencer being the stronger fencer and the C fencer being the weakest. This is basically just shorthand for coaches to arrange the teams strategically.

At the large multi school meets there is a practice called "stacking" which realigns the bout order to potentially gain a win advantage. The team will swap its C fencer to the A position and Shift the A and B fencers down. Theoretically in an evenly matched team or one with with two good fencers this will ensure a two bout victory in that match.
  Dual Meets
A dual (not duel) meet is between two school. Each of the three members of a squad will fence the three members of the opposing teams squad in a rotating format.
Saber Fences three bouts (C to A, B to C, A to B) then Foil, then Epee
the hosting team rotates the lineup each round and the visiting team remains in C-B-A order.
The final round will be C-C, B-B and A-A.

Each bout counts for one point and there is a total of 27 bouts. The team that accumulates 14 wins will win the meet. After one team has secured 14 wins additional substitutions are allowed.
  Multi School Meets
Multi school meets like the Centrulo/Santelli or District Championship meets will be held in a a pool of squads. Each squad will fence every other squad in the pool for a 3 bout match. In each match the C fencer fences the opposing C fencer, then B-B then A-A.

The total wins and losses for the pool (in a 6 school pool each scool would fence 5 matches for a total of 15 bouts) are calculated as a percentage will be used to determine placement for the round or seeding into a final pool. Total Wins and total Touches-Scored minus Touches-Received are used as metrics to break ties.

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